A New Album by Celisa Gutierrez and Helen Hawarsaat



Inspired by Mary's Immaculate Heart. Dedicated to comforting souls.

Mary is inescapably bound up in the life and music of the Church, and the daily lives of Catholics. We find her among May blooms and in the Regina Caeli. We find her when we wake up, and when we go to bed we find her in the Ave Maris Stella. We stand beside a grave dug in the still-frozen ground, and we find her in the Stabat Mater. Large crowds of us sing “Immaculate Mary” and find her together, and you might pray your rosary alone and find her in an Ave Maria. We hope that you can listen to this CD while you pray, while you put kids to bed, or while you cry and grieve, and be reminded of your heavenly Mother, who is with you always!

-Helen Hawersaat


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